Meet Chase Muttley

Our dog, Chase Muttley, is around 18 months old. I’ve been told that in dog math, that makes him about 20 years old in human years. I realize I haven’t spoken of him on my blog and thought I’d introduce him to you.

As he’s grown we’ve had our struggles with him. From the beginning he was a very active dog who was happiest when he had a job to do. As a Cattle Dog/Husky/Collie mix, he’s bred to work hard and we have to keep him very busy. When he was adjusting to our house he showed signs of dominance and was hesitant to see himself as anything but the alpha in our pack. He’s slowly relinquished that alpha tendency and has become a loyal and trusting member of our little family.

We learned this week that he is a big fan of the garden hose, and he spent a lot of time today, the hottest day of the year so far, running through the hose and wearing himself out in the process. His joy in such a small act is a reminder to enjoy the little things…

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