Alan Rickman passed away today. I never met him and he certainly had no idea I even existed, but I am devastated by the news. You see, he created an unexpected pathway to my teenage daughter, Taylor. A cherished connection in the budding years of her life where I’m becoming irrelevant and aged to her….

Life Lesson #25 Take it All IN

I cherish the moments more and more as the days pass more quickly. I take it in moment by moment, sometimes with earnest that I might miss every detail. Sometimes I have to hold back from begging… begging them, begging this life to just slow down, just a bit… Just long enough for me to gather it all in and let their days (and mine) last a moment longer.


“You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.” My favorite cheesy chick flick movie line of all time. And it is soooo very cheesy. It’s from the movie “Fools Rush In” with Selma Hayak and Matthew Perry. Dumb movie overall – completely predictable and unoriginal. Your typical overworked man meets interesting woman from a different…

Life Lesson #2 Love

My girls and I have a ritual when I tuck them into bed.  We call it “The I love you more than…” game. As I tuck them into their beds I say, “I love you.”  They say, “I love you more!” Then I say, “More than what?” and they respond, oftentimes with silly answers like…