Saturday, October 30, 2010

Food and Training:
I am sorry I didn’t get this up yesterday!  I had a great Saturday!  Eating-wise, I went out to eat with my girls and a friend last night at Cheeseburger and Paradise and was able to stay on target very easily with a turkey burger without a bun (to stay Gluten-free) and a cup of broccoli.

Here is what I ate yesterday!

Click to Enlarge

Saturday is my day for a long run.  I was scheduled to do 8 miles.  I didn’t really start out with a route in mind, so I took off down Blondo Street.  Looking up the street, it looks a lot like a roller coaster.  My trainer has been telling me I need to do more hills to prepare for the upcoming races and this definitely qualified as hilly!  Most of the street had pavement or sidewalk to run on, but portions were on grass and gravel.  I ended up doing 8.13 miles in a 7:44 pace despite the hills.  It was perfect weather for the run and while the hills were intense, they were well worth it!  Once I got home, I lifted some arms and did core work for about 30 minutes while playing Wii bowling with my older daughter.  I also stretched quite extensively and am very glad today that I spent so much time stretching.  My muscles aren’t nearly as sore!

For TODAY’S food and workout (Happy Halloween by the way), I am going to take a rest day for in terms of training, but am going to post my food in the A.M. tomorrow since I am sure there will be some candy in there and I want to make sure I post everything with complete honesty and transparency! 

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