Cold Running Gear

2010 Beer and Bagel Run

So I am TOTALLY going to geek out right now!  I recently got some Brooks Utopia racing pants… they are amazing! I ran in them for the beer and bagel run and I even went out in the snow today to play with my kids in them since I didn’t have snow pants!

Brooks Utopia pants
November 2010
They keep me warm when I am outside and I plan on racing in them in The Living History Farms race next weekend.  Now that cold weather is settling in, it’s important to have good gear if you want to continue to run outside.  Now, I really want to get the matching hoodie
Brooks is a well-known, trusted brand that has great gear and fantastic shoes.  Their thermal gear is broken down by temperature… so if you plan on running in 40 – 65F or below 40F they will have you covered.  My Utopia pants are for 40F and below so I can wear them all winter.  And while it may not matter to all racers, I like to run in cute clothes and their stuff is definitely cute! 

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