Taylor’s Flocks of Chicks and a December BBQ!

I have two daughters – Taylor is 8 and Caitlyn is 3.  Taylor gets an allowance every week and she has to set aside a certain percentage to “donate”. That amount is donated at the end of the year to TWO charities that she gets to research and choose. She has to choose one local that we donate TIME to and one international that we donate MONEY to. I did this for two reasons…

1.Passion for service: This time of year can get vey self-centered and kids can easily lose sight of what’s really important and that there are always others in need all around the world. I want to cultivate a passion for helping others in my kids.

2. Seeing the big picture: I want her to appreciate that here in her own backyard there are those in need and the donation of her time can work wonders and I want her to understand that the world is a big place and that there are those in need in far off places and we need to be a part of a solution. As she gets older – I’ll encourage her to seek opportunities to venture to some of these places and see it for herself.

We research the charities so that we are giving to organizations that are responsible and the highest percentage of her dollars go towards the actual efforts. We also choose charities that are about helping people help themselves and not just handing out assistance.
So, Taylor has made her choice (drum roll please)
1. Locally, we are making dinner for the Ronald McDonald House! http://rmhc.org/

Since they always get things like spaghetti, we decided to do hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, and christmas cookies. Taylor picked the menu. A BBQ in December! Taylor (and Caitlyn) have helped me make so many cookies this year!

2. Internationally, we are doing The Heifer Project again. http://www.heifer.org/  We are donating three flocks of chicks to three deserving families to help them build a future for themselves. Taylor was very thoughful of what she wanted to do this year and is really excited about giving her own money to something so worthy.

Caitlyn gets to join in the fun next year!
Taylor is so proud and so is her mom 🙂

Happy Holidays! 

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