Christmas Eve Workout

In an effort to impress Santa and keep on my fitness goals, I committed myself to staying on track and working out today despite the holiday and the cold.  I knew I was going to lift but I love interval training and felt like mine was getting a little stagnant when I did it on my own. 
So, my workout buddy Casey has been telling me amazing things about a fairly new gym in town called Black Clover Fitness.  It’s near my house and she’s been raving about how they change up routines, incorporate cardio and strength training and that the trainers themselves are awesome! I was lucky enough to get into a class this morning with her and she wasn’t kidding!  It was a BLAST!  Peter, Corey and Trevor kept it fun, interesting, and most importantly CHALLENGING! 

You never know what you are going to get in a new gym with new people but I was really impressed and grateful for the chance to get the awesome 45 minute session (even when Peter made me put on the 24.8 pound vest on the stair climber – BRUTAL!)  Casey’s out of town brother and sister-in-law joined us too!  That is a commitment to wellbeing when you create time, even when you’re out of town, to get in a good cardio session. Check out my post about keeping on track while traveling. 

After Cardio I hit my regular gym and was really inspired by how many people were there working out!  There was even some people in reindeer antlers and Santa hats!  Holidays come around and present temptations and opportunities to create excuses but when you commit to a healthier lifestyle it has to become a part of your holiday routine.  At my house even Santa is going to benefit!  Tonight, he is getting the Sweet Potato Oat bars instead of cookies with a big glass of skim milk.  Perfect clean snack for when he stops by my house!
Happy Holidays everyone!  Stay healthy – it’s the gift you can give yourself every day! 

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  1. Carriea81 says:

    In case anyone was wondering…Santa ate the sweet potato oat bar and drank the entire glass of milk. 🙂


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