Podcast on Eating Clean!

Fitness Tech Podcast #9–The Clean Diet How-to
I joined Jim Collison’s average guy fitness podcast to talk about Eating Clean. 

If you are going to use the New Year to restart your eating patterns, this is the podcast for you! We talk for about 45 minutes on tips for getting started, how to shop, how to prepare and how to maintain!

We also talked about our 2011 goals and how we kept it going over the holidays!  Another thanks to my friends at Black Clover Fitness for the Christmas Eve workout that kept me inspired through all the decadent holiday meals! 

More to come from the podcast world!  We’ll be doing some videos of some clean eating meals in the next couple weeks!  Stay tuned!  You may even meet some of my Mud Mafia friends!

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  1. Corey Cain says:

    I love the play list! Great stuff!


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