Life Lesson #13: Bet on Yourself

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander the Great

Haters hate.  People will say mean, stupid, and jealous things to you and about you. People will count you out and tell you that you can’t do something.  You’ll be disappointed in people you thought you could trust.  You’ll find yourself standing alone sometimes.  And you can’t look to anyone else to be there because they may not come. 
You don’t need them. You never did.
Those are your moments.  Embrace them.  Do what you know you can, even if the chips are down.  Great things are done in dark moments. 
Don’t let the world of a hater become your world because you are not meant for that world.  Whether by design, doubt, or fear some people think small.  Small is easy and comfortable.  But you know things that they don’t know – about yourself and about what is out there waiting for you. 
Don’t be mad at them – feel sorry for them.  They’ll never know what you know or see what you see.  Life will always be a little “less than” for them and not nearly as colorful or complete, but don’t worry about that and don’t shrink back so that they are more comfortable. You can’t let them pull you down. 
Besides, it’s never been about them anyway. 
Rise up… go beyond… do what they think can’t be done but it won’t matter what they think when you do.  Because you’ll be far away to places they could never imagine for themselves.  And it won’t matter that at one point they said it couldn’t be for you.  Because you always knew you could.
Don’t let their world be your world.  You’re too big for that.  So be big. 
Your world is waiting.  

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  1. Cristina says:

    Love this! I couldn't agree more.


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