Seven Days

January 7, 2013

“Eliminate all the things that are causing damage, seen and unseen. That means everything.  I’m not just talking about food, stressors, and habits that are in your control, girl.  I mean environmental too…  If you have any assholes hanging around, now is a good time to get rid of them too.”  – My dietitian

I laughed when she said the last part, though she’s absolutely right.  We were sitting having some tea (yes tea, not coffee) and talking about my first official week.

“I don’t generally eat assholes, but I’ll take that into consideration.” I replied.

She smiled.  “You know what I mean. Well, you look good.  How do you feel?”  she asked.

I feel amazing.  That’s the truth.  The good news is since my doctor made some drastic dietary recommendations, it’s been seven days since I’ve put them in effect and I feel incredible. Truth be told, even my initial scans won’t be conclusive if the diet and medication is working.  It will be noticeable in trending over time in subsequent scans, so since committing to the new lifestyle, I’m in the long haul.

Spicy Ginger Hot Tea

It’s been seven days since I’ve had gluten, sugar, dairy, soy, or a sip of alcohol.  Today, I had less than eight ounces of caffeinated coffee. By the end of next week, I’ll be on decaf only.  (That’s a pretty big deal for me.)  It’s been seven days since I began going to bed earlier (though helped by Melatonin until I can adjust to the earlier hours).  It’s been seven days of training – CrossFit, two runs, sprint repeats, and six hours of Pilates.  For seven days I have been eating whole foods and drinking 48 – 64 ounces of water.  Coffee during the day has been replaced by flavored, decaf tea.  I dig the tea.

It’s been seven days and I wake up refreshed, my mind is more clear, my eyes are brighter, and my skin is more hydrated.  I’ve lost four pounds.  I’m not actively trying to lose weight, that one just sort of happened.  My face is less puffy and I’m less fatigued throughout the day, and my energy levels have gone up.  It’s only been seven days, but what a difference it has made.  I’ve never felt hungry, I’ve never felt deprived, and my children have eaten wholesome healthy meals with some of the same restrictions I’m under, but not all.  I’ve been meeting with a dietitian and will continue to do so to keep myself informed as I learn more and more about how to manage so many restrictions, especially when I travel or am not able to be in my own kitchen controlling food preparation.

So, seven days down, the routine is in full swing, and I’m already feeling the positive effects.  Thank you to everyone who has checked in and been supportive of such a huge change in my life and the unknown territory I’ve entered in so many ways.  The websites, recipes, and supportive words have made all the difference.  I’ve really appreciated all the advice and well wishes.  Better every day.

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  1. AmyL says:

    I'm amazed and inspired by your positive attitude about the transformation you are taking. I'm so glad you are journaling your journey for all of us to share!


  2. Thanks for your positive attitude, Rad Lady, even in the face of cutting out things like Coffee (you are a stronger woman than I!). It helps me to read this. I'm making some similar drastic food changes, because it is time to get myself solidly out of that “obese” and “overweight” label. Health has to be a priority in 2013. If you need to vent, commiserate or swap gluten, sugar, everything-free recipes… you know where to find me. (Incidentally, I made relatively tasty brownies last night with 1 whole avocado, 3 eggs, 1/3 c honey (use… Truvia? spenda?) and 1/2 c cocoa powder….. 🙂


  3. I've been visiting my daughter and grandkids the last week or so and have been out of touch with my usual readings. So sorry to hear about the diagnosis! My son, who is just about your age, has myotonic dystrophy. With his partner, who has beat stage 4 cancer twice, they developed something called Rockin' Wellness. I mentioned this to you maybe a year or two ago because of the potential benefits for people who are working out and looking for an all natural nutritional shake. But it's really beneficial for people who have health issues…and it is free of the same things you mentioned in the blog…gluten, dairy, etc. The website has more info and you can contact Mike if you need to…I can put you in touch directly. I don't have the health/nutrition knowledge to really explain it. This is just for you…fyi only…not looking for a cheap plug. So no need to approve this to post. As long as YOU get the info. His girl friend has a place called Live Island Cafe here on Long Island, NY. All natural, raw vegan I believe…may give some ideas for your diet. This shows up as Nighthawk I guess, but my real name is John Wall. Good luck with your health issues…and stay positive…I've always believed that was the most important thing!


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