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Nothing ruins a good ass-kicking streak like a minor panic attack.  In recent days I’ve been making major changes, and the flow has been really working for me.  My plan to make 2013  the year of “All Things Awesome” seemed to be right on track and things are shaping up quite nicely.  Here are the ass-kicking basics before we digress into the panic attack zone.

1. Full dietary restriction make-over (make-under might be more fitting)
2. Decision to sell my house
3. Quitting my Pilates Practice teaching – okay so I had not blogged about this one.  But as of January 31, I will no longer be teaching at 5:30 AM, Wednesday evenings, and Sunday mornings. Working seven days a week isn’t as fun as it sounds… 

My health is hopefully on the upswing, I’m going to get out of my current living space, though a difficult one it’s a decision long in the making and I’m at ease with it, not to mention with the Pilates gone I’ll get back my early mornings and weekends.  Pretty nice set-up.  All Things Awesome.

Now comes the panic mode.  Let me lay down the back story.  And it’s good news, I promise. 

Back in November I was approached by Creighton University, a local Jesuit University with an incredible reputation about teaching an Entrepreneurial Finance class for their Graduate Studies Program. I myself graduated with my MBA in August of 2006 and greatly enjoyed the experience.  Not to mention I’ve spent the better part of the last decade entrenched in entrepreneurial ventures, it was a perfect fit for me and though I had not envisioned myself in this type of scenario, I was thrilled with the opportunity and I jumped at the chance.  It’s not a full-time role by any stretch, I’m keeping my day job, I’ll just be teaching one class during the Spring Semester on Wednesday evenings from 6 – 9:30PM making me an official adjunct faculty member to an incredibly prestigious University with an incredible reputation.  (Before the questions arise, I’m not leaving or limiting my full-time gig.  With the Pilates gone, this will fit quite nicely into my schedule.) 

When I agreed to take the class, I had no idea that to finalize teaching status, there are about 37 steps you have to go through just for the administration side of the house.  Regardless, for the past month or so I busied myself in the minutia.  I had dutifully filled out my paperwork and secured my contract for the semester and was notified that I needed to connect with HR to get my I-9 and other pertinent details finalized – you know, to prove that I’m a real human being and not a robot.  Last night I went out to my course listing and there in the detailed course listing for class Finance for Entrepreneurial Ventures – 12364 – ENT 502 – N was my enrollment detail: 23 enrolled out of 25.  I’m looking to sell it out though, so I better hit 25.  (You can’t take the competitive streak out of me, even in this regard )  So I took the final step, making my appointment with HR to get my office space, mailbox, phone number, Faculty ID and parking pass.  With those last steps done, I was all set. 

Commence panic attack.

Let me be clear, I knew what I was getting into (mostly.)  For those of you who know me, I’ll have no trouble filling three and a half hours once a week with content on this subject, I have a great deal of confidence that I’ll teach this class well, and that the students and I will both enjoy the experience.  I have a plethora of case studies and content I can’t wait to dive into and share and it will be a learning experience for me undoubtedly.  However, it’s a brand new venture, annnnnnd it’s almost here.  Maybe “panic attack” is too strong a word.  Truthfully, I’m very excited about the opportunity at such an incredible institution.  Not to mention, once a week I’ll get to ditch the Lululemon pants and tall socks and look like a professional woman again in business attire. 

2013.  The year of All Things Awesome continues.  Go Bluejays!  

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  1. David Hegner says:

    Wow, Creighton?! Now that is exciting. You should probably catch a game or two just to get up to speed on the culture :).


  2. Professor Shawty??!!…I'm not sure the world is ready for that…lol. Good luck…you're going to be great! That's from someone that spent 14 years at the U of Miami, the last few at the School Of Ed. One thing I can tell is a good teacher!!


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