Gluten-Free Questions Answered!

I’ve been neglectful of my posting on my nutrition status as of late, mostly because it’s all become so routine, it’s not even a challenge anymore!  On January 3rd, I wrote a blog post about my nutrition makeover.  All told, I’m 100% gluten free, dairy free, soy free, I drastically limit my caffeine and alcohol consumption and I don’t eat anything processed or any sugar. I have a medical condition that includes treatment options involving dietary restrictions.  While it’s not required of me to do such a nutrition overhaul, I decided then to make these drastic changes for the sake of my health and I couldn’t be happier.

I do get asked a lot of questions about it… questions about the specifics of what I eat, if I think it’s working, if it’s an effective way to lose weight, if it is helping my athletic performance, if it is difficult eating at restaurants, etc.  I’ll answer some of those here.

Now, I’m not one to regularly post pictures of myself in a bikini on my blog, but the most frequently asked question is from my female friends and it’s about weight loss and body changes.  I didn’t set out to lose any weight going gluten-free, but I certainly have lost fat and my body has gotten smaller, leaner, and stronger in the process.  I’ve never felt or looked better.  I do think that it is an extremely effective way to lose and maintain weight loss if that is your goal.  More than that, my athletic performance has drastically improved.  I sleep better, have more energy, and recover much quicker.  My body is in a great place on the inside and that’s coming through to the outside.

I’m asked also about eating away from home.  This one can be tricky, but you can’t worry about being a high maintenance eater.  Here are a few tips for eating away from home.

  1. Be upfront.  Tell the server that you have dietary restrictions.  They may even have a gluten-free menu or help you find some good selections on the menu.
  2. Ask how food is prepared.  Sometimes chef’s can make simple swaps to accommodate what you can or can’t have.  
  3. Find something that’s close on the menu and make modifications.  Chef’s are used to making changes. Don’t feel badly if you need to make a change to a menu item.  
The last thing I’ll add is my new obsession with apple cider vinegar.  I drink two tablespoons in a half cup of water or apple juice and a tablespoon of lemon juice two or three times a day.  I’ve been doing it for well over a month.  It’s made my skin, teeth and eyes brighter, my hair is softer and shinier, it’s a great simple daily detox, and has helped me dramatically in managing my acid reflux symptoms.  
Read more about the benefits HERE.
Keep the questions coming!  

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