I’m Baaaaack!

After a long hiatus I am back in the blogosphere and have been quite busy over the last several months.  Since my exit from Spartan Race, I’ve been working with a company in my hometown that was formerly OFFWIRE which was acquired by a MNC Brightstar Corp and we’ve been Brightstars every since.  While I still love my muddy roots with Spartan and maintain close relationships with many individuals with whom I worked, I’ve settled in quite nicely in this role and am enjoying the ride.
I did re-launch an online community Chicked Nation, a community formerly known as Spartan Chicked.  And with the help and oversight of some good friends it is still a place where women can come and get healthy living advice, motivation, and support.  There are even a few merchandise options courtesy of our friends at OCR Gear.  Huge congratulations to Adrian and his team as well for the launch of the wildly acclaimed OCRWC last year.  I was so pleased to see that event soar and the direction of the sport move to a more unified front.  When I think back to the origins of OCR it is thrilling to think that it is moving back to where it belongs, as a sport for the people it was built for!

Now what?

To recap some of the down time, I’ve maintained my teaching position at Creighton University teaching Entrepreneurial Finance.  I still spend a great deal of time explaining why a finance teacher is a Vice President of Marketing and Training, but when all the pieces are put together it makes a lot of sense.  I suppose that’s a pretty good analogy for my life in general.  I love teaching and each semester I find out something new about myself and about how to improve my approach.  I’ve also traveled pretty widely in 2014 across 16 states in the US and racked up quite a few frequent flyer as well as road miles in the process.  I’m thrilled to be settling into 2015 and have some big plans ahead for what I’m thinking will be a big year for me.  I plan on blogging about some of my favorite things – my family, my work, what motivates me, and maybe even a few things I’ve learned along the way that may be useful.  We’ll see.

It’s wonderful to be back, I’m thrilled to be writing again, and I can’t wait to share more of the coming chapters of what is yet to come.

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