Food Processor-palooza

There are two things I cannot live without in my kitchen: My food processor and my Bread Maker.  *Sigh*
Because my love for these two items is so rich, I will split up my blog post into two so they each get their due attention.  My food processor is one of the first things I bought in my house and I make home made salsas and dips, soups, and sauces in it all the time.  Using a food processor allows you to incorporate a lot of ingredients to ensure a nutrient dense food with a lot of flavor. 

Homemade Salsa

For example, steamed veggies like cauliflower, carrots and cucumbers to spinach, zucchini to Brussels sprouts can be combined variably by combining them with beans, tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic, cashews, almonds, avocado and freshly squeezed orange/lime/lemon or cranberry juices. Add variety and flavor with fresh herbs and spices like cinnamon, sea salt, fresh ginger or chili powder.  These combinations create a thick and hearty spread that I put on greens as a dressing, over pasta, potatoes or lean meats, as a base for soup, and with home made corn crackers or live grain breads.  

I recently challenged myself to an entire day of eating straight out of my food processor. Inspired by a post from Made Just Right, I literally ate EVERY meal for an entire day that way.

What does a food processor day look like? Take a peek!

Breakfast: Zucchini, spinach, rolled oats, dried cranberries, almond butter, 1/2 a banana, dash of lime juice, agave nectar – I ate this alone and some on a piece of live grain bread and a cup of hot water with lemon or you can have black coffee or green tea.

Snack: Watercress, celery, apple, carrots, almonds, cinnamon, Greek Yogurt, hemp protein powder I ate this as a yogurt and with a handful of green grapes on top.  I drank half a liter of water.

Lunch: Collard greens, quinoa, chickpeas, balsamic vinegar, fresh cilantro, 1/2 sweet potato, chia seeds, and ginger spice – I added a touch of vegetable stock to make this a soup.  I ate this with a whole wheat roll I dipped in the soup and I had more water to drink – I added a cucumber slice to my water….

Snack: Roasted garlic, black beans, tomatoes, fresh rosemary, and olive oil I ate this as a dip with a handful of baked corn tortillas I turned into crackers.  More water or green tea.

Dinner: Spinach, sea salt, pine nuts, lemon juice, onion, Roma tomato, and butternut squash over whole wheat pasta and with 3 ounces of grilled Tilapia and a glass of red wine.

Dessert: Banana, walnuts, coco powder, sea salt, and cinnamon.  I froze the banana first and it made a delicious ice cream treat.  Chamomile tea before bed!

My food processor lets me make my own pasta sauces, spreads, dips, and soups quickly and easily.  For a working single mom on the go that is invaluable!  My girls also don’t always know how healthy they are eating since so much goes into their meals!  Baby food is another trick I use to combine lots of healthy foods together. Have fun and happy processing! 

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