You’ll Wait for Me…

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s strength.”

I turn 30 in three months… almost to the day actually. I’ve learned a few things in my last three decades of life. I generally make it a practice to learn the hard way, but the lessons are learned none-the-less. Here’s a good one… How about the fact that there are times when you just don’t succeed? When you don’t get what you want in the way you want it. Or you find yourself slumped down head in your hands, trying to figure out what comes next when the plans you had unravel right before you or things suddenly seem like they are taking you further from who and where you want to be. When the dreams you dreamt just don’t materialize… and not for lack of trying, training, putting in the time and effort. Sometimes sh*t just happens. Sometimes things aren’t fair. None of us are immune. It sucks and it stings.
But what I have also learned is that the beautiful thing about this life is so often when everything is falling around you, there is usually someone standing there next to you… holding you up, holding you together and reminding you that even in your lowest moments, even in your darkest times, they aren’t going anywhere. They aren’t going to let you bear the burden alone because they know. They’ve been there, and chances are at one point or another you were the one holding their hand, holding them together and telling them everything was going to be okay…

Let them come to you. Let them help. Let yourself have a moment of weakness because the greatest lessons live in weakness and failure. So take a moment, feel it, let it happen and then let it go. Pull yourself up and out and get on with life. And when you come out of the dark tunnel into the light you won’t be the same and chances are, you won’t be alone.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Really really loved this one. ❤ Thank you.


  2. Casey says:

    That's right! Beautifully written.


  3. bluejayRN says:

    Very very true. Well said!


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