The Story…

I write recipes that have stories.  Stories that tell about what inspires the cooking, the meals, the foods I eat and feed my family and friends.  They are like photographs for me capturing something and preserving it forever. It’s important to me that the soul of the food is felt and that the people who inspire them are acknowledged.  Whole, fresh, delicious ingredients are such a small part of the equation… the recipes are born in a moment in a story, in a relationship with the people I love in my life.  That’s why all my recipes have such crazy names – Catey Baby Berry Muffins, Kick you in the Face Pancakes,  Lafawnduh Peanut Butter Cookie Balls,  Houston’s Honey Teriyaki Kabobs,  Casey’s No Pain Novocaine Chicken Chili

My kitchen represents a warm, wonderful safe haven and retreat that nourishes not only myself, but the family and friends who grace my life.  It has brought together so many people for so many meals and so many memories.  This post is for all of you, because those times we’ve shared, those laughs, those moments are just as nourishing as the food and have given me perspective, joy, and most importantly purpose. 

Thank you to my two beautiful daughters, my family, and my friends for being there, for being YOU, really just for being… I do this for you. 

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