New Blogging Beginnings…

You’ve probably noticed my site had a little face lift over the weekend. I have decided to split up my blog into two distinct spaces. Leaving a Path, where you are now, is where I’ll be talking about my training, my life, and the things that make me laugh, the things that motivate and inspire me as a mother, a woman, an athlete, and a human being.  The url for this space is quite simply  I hope you continue to visit this site to hear about my life and my adventures. 

Alternatively, Keeping it Clean is retaining it’s url – so you can still find that blog at  The site will be 100% dedicated to clean-eating, recipes, and nutrition. I’ve migrated all my recipe and past nutrition and food oriented content to that site.  This way the content is focused and specific.  I hope you find your way there for all things clean-eating, food, recipes, and the fun we have in my kitchen!  Keeping it clean is also on FB and YouTube. 

Additionally, my Racing Family The Mud Mafia is in the social stratosphere at  Several individuals contribute to the content of that site and it’s dedicated to my amazing racing family.  The Mud Mafia is also on FB and Twitter. 

You can also follow the clock blocking movement at  Again, a community contributes to that page where we are committed to getting clock blocking consciousness to the masses!  Follow the progress on FB

Feel free to email me with feedback.  I am always so grateful hearing from you all.

Thanks for reading!

Carrie Adams 

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