To be…

It always comes down to a moment.  A choice.  Choose or be chosen.  It’s in that moment, that space just before the choice that you are the clearest, most authentic form of yourself.  You are in your own state of being.  It’s in that flash, whether it be a retraction, a breath, a surge, a pause, or a pursuance that you are being yourself.  To be… The truth lies not in the choice made, it’s in the moment just before.  The choice is just the effect of the cause.  The output of the design. The result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another.  The choice itself has no meaning without the catalyst… the inherent be-ing. 

The verb “to be” is said to be the most protean of the English language, constantly changing form, sometimes without much of a discernible pattern.  By the time we respond with action (or inaction), it’s already been decided, we’ve already been revealed.  We’ve already been. We strive, and struggle to find meaning focusing so heavily on the actions, the outcomes neglecting the precious spark, the essence, the being.  Spend time in those spaces just before, the intangibles, the things we can’t define or contextualize easily.  It’s only there where there is recognition, there is truth, raw and unrefined.  It’s there where we are.

The problem is, we are so vast, so wondrous, unique and incapable of being bounded, defined or articulated we can’t appreciate what that means.  That we are so inherently, inescapably complex and simple, complete and fragmented in the same moment that outcomes are no longer deterministic – that makes us uncomfortable.  We are no longer predictable, we just are in that moment which escapes definition but is everything definitive.  We are, in a state of being as ourselves. Perfectly complete.  It doesn’t have meaning outside of itself so the enlightenment is achieved singularly, in a vacuum and without description or contextual value.  The significance then is confined to the one experiencing it and can’t be appreciated beyond those margins and shouldn’t… or it would lose all it’s power.

Don’t seek definition, there isn’t a question.  There is only space where you exist undiluted by frivolous designations.  It’s more than enough, it’s everything actually, but it can’t be shared and it won’t ever be appreciated outside itself.  All you can do is be. Just be

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit. Amazing.


  2. Amelia says:

    Epic. Beautiful writing.


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